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How is Java different than other programming languages?

September 8, 2018
Posted by Indu Malik

Hello Developers, In this article, I have explained many things regarding Java and I have also explained some important features of Java which played important role for making Java different and better than other programming languages. Now, without further ado, let's dive right into it. A bit about Java Java is a programming language, it […]

Python & Pycharm installation

August 29, 2018
Posted by Dipen Adroja

In this article, we are going to see how to install python in windows/MAC os and also how to install pycharm. Once we have this setup. In subsequent articles, we will dive into python. Python installation: For Windows: Click Python Download. The following page will appear in your browser. Click the Download Python 3.6.2 button. The file named python-3.6.2.exe should […]

Program to check if given string is palindrome or not

August 29, 2018
Posted by Suyash Purwar

Introduction In this series, I will publish lots of puzzles in JavaScript. I will provide multiple solutions for a program so that you can have a better understanding of the problem and solution. These types of questions are many times asked in interviews, so a good understanding of these type of puzzles might benefit you. I must […]

Java 11 Features

August 27, 2018
Posted by Dipen Adroja

We already know that Java10 is the latest release in the market but Java11 is soon to be released(September-2018). Oracle is accelerating its release cycle as never before which means more feature in faster way getting added to JAVA. I know we still time get hands on Java11 is available in the market still we can already […]

Java 10 Features

August 26, 2018
Posted by Dipen Adroja

Let's take a look and check into what is packed in Java10, which includes local variable type inference and unmodifiable collections APIs. If we check history then Java 10 is the fastest release of a Java till now. Java has always been known for slow releases, but Java 10 just trashed that concept. Java10 is a release with many future changes keeping in […]

Where to place JavaScript code?

August 25, 2018
Posted by Suyash Purwar

This is the first blog of JavaScript Fundamentals series. In this series, I will explain very basics and fundamental concepts of JavaScript.  In this article, I will explain the basic building blocks of JavaScript. I will be explaining about where should we put the JavaScript code in our HTML page. You will also learn about external […]

ECMAScript, JavaScript Engines, ECMA-262 etc.

August 20, 2018
Posted by Suyash Purwar

In this article, I will focus on a mixture of topics. Mainly, i am focusing on ECMAScript becuase most people don't understand what actually it is. I am focusing on another topics too like JavaScript engines, ECMAScript, ECMA specifications etc. Don't worry at all if these are alien words to you, I'll be explaining each and […]

Code Editors for Web Development

August 16, 2018
Posted by Suyash Purwar

Let's talk about the code editors which you will need for JavaScript and also for entire Web Development. There are hundreds of code editors for web development out there. We will narrow this long list of code editors down to 5 code editors. Code editors are those softwares where a programmer spends most of his time. Basically, code editors are […]

Why should we learn JavaScript?

August 14, 2018
Posted by Suyash Purwar

Let's see why should we learn JavaScript? What's so special about it and why people all around the globe are talking about it? Believe me, a web language like JavaScript is like a Batman's utility belt. If you are proficient in JavaScript, then think yourselves as a Superman with Batman's utility belt. JavaScript is the superpowers of a […]

Types of Binary Tree | Binary Tree Introduction

August 1, 2018
Posted by Abhi Andhariya

This is the third article in the tree data structure series. In our previous two articles, we have seen some of the tree data structure terminologies like Nodes, Edges, Root, Parent, Children, Leaves, Siblings, Degree of Tree, Path, Level, Depth, Height and sub tree.  In this article, we will discuss difference between tree and binary tree. We […]

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