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Basic Java

Basic java

It is always important to understand the basics of any programming language. Below set of article contains many such topics. We have also covered most of the interview questions from all these topics. Reading these articles will help you undestand basics of java and prepare for your upcoming java interviews. 

  1. final Keyword
  2. transient Keyword
  3. Access Modifiers (public, private, protected and default scope)
  4. What is the use of private constructor in java?
  5. String Pool
  6. interface VS abstract class
  7. Wrapper Classes – Autoboxing and Unboxing,  IntegerCache and Immutability
  8. How To Create Immutable Class In Java
  9. Creating Immutable class with mutable member fields in Java
  10. Marker Interface Interview Questions
  11. Method Overloading Interview Questions
  12. Method Overriding Interview Questions

We will keep adding more articles to this section to enrich your basics in JAVA, Stay tuned 🙂 If you want us to write for any specific topic or interview question, you can contact us via facebook or write a mail to use at

JVM Internals

Most of the Naive Java developers don’t care about memory leaks or tuning, unless something is going wrong in their production env. This makes JVM Internal a very difficult subject to excel in during interviews. Even worse, interviewers love to ask questions about it.

JVM internals is like Taboo for many Programmers, but its easy once you start learning it. Being a java developer it is expected from us to have basic knowledge of JVM architecture, as it enables us to write code more efficiently. Here is the codepumpkin's series of articles on JVM Internals.

  1. JVM Architecture Introduction
  2. Class Loader SubSystem
  3. Types of Class Loader and Delegation Algorithm
  4. Java Program to find from where java class is loaded
  5. What Is Magic Number CAFEBABE In Java Class File?

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