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List of Available RSS Feeds

In the era of internet it is easy to be informed and up-to-date with newly published articles, but it can be a bit overwhelming and time-consuming, especially if you are looking for the articles from different sources.

Subscribing to a RSS feed is a great way to follow the website and read the relevant content you are interested in without having to check out different websites on a daily or hourly basis. RSS will automatically notify you when the website of your interest posts an update or news.

In other words, RSS is a way of providing content to the user's browser or desktop in an efficient way. By using RSS feeds, the user can stay updated on the articles posted on CodePumpkin.

You just need to have a RSS reader  in order to read the news.  Here are some of the most used RSS feed readers:

  1. Feedly
  2. Flipboard
  3. News360
  4. Inoreader

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds are normally provided in three ways: headlines only, headlines with excerpts and full text feeds. CodePumpkin provides you headlines with excerpts.  

CodePumpkin also provides Category and Author specific RSS feeds. If you are interested only in the articles published in specific category or by some specific author, you can follow particular that RSS feed. Here is the list of available RSS feeds:

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