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What is C language? Why C is called mother language?

October 21, 2018
Posted by Indu Malik

Hello Developers, In this article, I have explained why it's a good choice to learn C language and also many things regarding it. Firstly, we will learn, What is C language? Why do we learn C language? I have also explained some important features of it which played an important role in calling C as […]

C++ Introduction | C vs C++

September 19, 2018
Posted by Amit Kushwaha

This is an introductory article for C++ and Object Oriented Programming Concepts. We will also learn uses of C++ and difference between C and C++. Basics of C++ C++ is a general-purpose, case-sensitive language that follows Object Oriented Programming (OOP) Concept and it was developed at AT & T Bell laboratories in the early 1979s by […]

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