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Strings in Python

October 26, 2018
Posted by Dipen Adroja

We have seen some of the datatypes till now. In this Article, we will explore more about String datatype in python. Strings are amongst the most popular types in Python. String object can be created by enclosing characters in quotes. Python treats single quotes the same as double quotes. Creating strings is as simple as […]

Numbers in Python

October 25, 2018
Posted by Dipen Adroja

In this article, we will see different Numerical Types, conversion of them and other functions available on Numbers. This article will be very brief on the numerical types. Once you get familiar with what all data types are and what methods available for them you can play with them and explore it in more details. […]

What is C language? Why C is called mother language?

October 21, 2018
Posted by Indu Malik

Hello Developers, In this article, I have explained why it's a good choice to learn C language and also many things regarding it. Firstly, we will learn, What is C language? Why do we learn C language? I have also explained some important features of it which played an important role in calling C as […]

Python Variables | Python

October 7, 2018
Posted by Dipen Adroja

In this article, we will explore more about python variables in detail. Python variable is a reserved memory location to store values. Every value in python has data types. Python Data types will be covered in subsequent articles (Datatypes: Numbers, List, Tuple, Strings, Dictionary, etc). How to Declare and use a Variable? Below is an […]

Understand main function | Python

October 4, 2018
Posted by Dipen Adroja

Till now we have covered how to install python and PyCharm. How to write basic Hello world program. The basic syntax for python. Now we will move ahead and dig little more into python. This is one short article for the same to understand a small concept of python. If you are familiar with java language. The […]

Basic syntax in python

October 4, 2018
Posted by Dipen Adroja

In the previous article, we have seen how to write a simple hello world program. Before going into more details lets first go through python identifiers, reserved keywords and other important basic syntax rules. Python Identifiers A Python identifier is a name used to identify a variable, function, class, module or other objects. An identifier […]

Hello world in Pycharm

October 1, 2018
Posted by Dipen Adroja

In the previous tutorial, we have installed python and pycharm. In this tutorial, we are going to create our first program in python language. I will be using my Mac during this tutorials. The same steps can be followed with minor tweaks if you are using other OS. We will create first `Hello World` program […]

Java Variables Interview Questions

September 22, 2018
Posted by Abhi Andhariya

Hello Developers, In this article, you will learn basics of java variables. If you are preparing for your first ever java interview, then you must go through all the questions mentioned in this article. It will definitely help you clear all your doubts related to java variables. After reading this article, you will be able to […]

C++ Introduction | C vs C++

September 19, 2018
Posted by Amit Kushwaha

This is an introductory article for C++ and Object Oriented Programming Concepts. We will also learn uses of C++ and difference between C and C++. Basics of C++ C++ is a general-purpose, case-sensitive language that follows Object Oriented Programming (OOP) Concept and it was developed at AT & T Bell laboratories in the early 1979s by […]

Statements, Semicolons and Comments in JavaScript

September 12, 2018
Posted by Suyash Purwar

Hello JavaScript Devs, I am back with another blog which will introduce you to some very basic features of JavaScript. In this article, I have discussed statements, semicolons and comments in JavaScript. Before diving right into our main topic, we will study about alert() function. Let's get started… alert() function alert() function is used to display popup box with ok […]

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