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Performance Issue with HashSet RemoveAll() method

October 12, 2017
Posted by Pumpkin

In our previous article on HashSet internals, we have seen internal implementation of its add(), remove(), contains(), clear(), iterator() and isEmpty() methods. One of our readers has raised question about How efficient is HashSet removeAll() method? As it requires detailed explanation, we have decided to write separate article on it.   What does removeAll() method do? Before going into internals of […]

Synechron Interview Questions – Set 1

September 20, 2017
Posted by Pumpkin

Synechron has arranged walk-in drive at Ahmedabad location for multiple opening at Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore location.  I have appeared for Sr Java Developer position. I got a call from Ethos HR consultancy and interview was scheduled at the office of Ethos HR, Ahmedabad. Arrangement by Ethos HR was very poor and unprofessional. However, interviewers were […]

Linked List

March 31, 2017
Posted by Pumpkin

A linked list is a dynamic data structure which is consist of nodes and links. The number of nodes in a list is not fixed and can grow and shrink on demand. As Discussed in previous article of ArrayList, this structure will provide us more space effective insertion/deletion for intermediate elements. In this structure it will […]

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