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How is HashSet implemented internally in Java?

September 27, 2017
Posted by Pumpkin

In our previous article, we have seen internal implementation of SynchronizedMap and the difference between HashMap, Hashtable, SynchronizedMap and ConcurrentMap.  In this article, we will understand how does HashSet work internally? How JDK implementers have reused HashMap effectively for HashSet implementation.   The best way to understand internal implementation of any built-in Java class is by looking into its […]

Morgan Stanley Interview Questions – Set 2

September 23, 2017
Posted by Sejal Thakkar

I have cleared three rounds of Synechron and after that they scheduled my telephonic interview with their client Morgan Stanley.  This round was more focused on Core Java, SQL and Problem solving skills. Interviewer also asked few questions on Spring framework.  Problem Solving / Programming For a given interger array, find two subarray of size 2 […]

How does HashMap work internally in Java?

How does HashMap work internally in java is one of the most asked core java interview questions. Most of the candidates do not give the satisfactory explanation. This question shows that candidate has good knowledge of Collection. So this question should be in your TO-DO list before appearing for the interview. There are four things we should […]

Array List

March 31, 2017
Posted by Pumpkin

We can think, arraylist as an array having collection of items which can grow and shrink dynamically. Before going further one question should arise Why we want to use array list instead of array? Answer is very simple, when we need a data structure which have all the array capabilities and is also efficient at […]

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