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Morgan Stanley Interview Questions – Set 1

August 26, 2017
Posted by Rahul Jain

Recently I have appeared for Java developer interview at the Morgan Stanley, Mumbai. It was a Video conference interview. Here are the set of questions asked to me :   Tell me about your current project and your roles and responsibility. Write a java function to reverse a string using recursion Write a java program […]

How does HashMap work internally in Java?

How does HashMap work internally in java is one of the most asked core java interview questions. Most of the candidates do not give the satisfactory explanation. This question shows that candidate has good knowledge of Collection. So this question should be in your TO-DO list before appearing for the interview. There are four things we should […]

Convenience Factory Methods for Collections | Java9

April 19, 2017
Posted by Pumpkin

In this article, we will see another JDK9 feature Convenience Factory Methods of Collections  to create compact, unmodifiable collection instances with single line of code.  You can download JDK 1.9 from here based on your OS Platform requirements. If you are also interested in learning other features of Java9, you can read our post Java 9 Features   Available Approaches for initializing collections till […]

Java 9 Features

April 17, 2017
Posted by Pumpkin

Java 9 has been released on 21st Sept, 2017. In this article we will look into some of the most awaiting java 9 features with examples. You can download JDK 1.9 from here based on your OS Platform requirements. Some of the important java 9 features are: JShell: The Java Shell (Read-Eval-Print Loop) Convenience Factory Methods […]

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